Breathe Safely Airtight Seal Between Face and Respirator.

If you are unaware of our product this FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) section will answer your questions.


U.S. Patent Issued to Breathe Safely Health Seal.

OSHA Addresses Inward Leakage Failure, Finally! (New Video) Interviews Breathe Safely, LLC about Inward Leakage

Breathe Safely, LLC September Press Release

Breathe Safely’s Press Release for April 2011 – Respirator Failure Solution.

Breathe Safely Announces a Solution to Respirator Inward Leakage Failure.

What is Breathe Safely?

Breathe Safely, LLC is quickly becoming a company to watch. They have successfully provided a solution for inward leakage. Breathe Safely has been mentioned on PWC magazine, the Brainerd Dispatch, Minnesota Cup, and other respected sources. Breathe Safely, LLC has created, patented, and produces a product that is known as the next generation of respiratory safety and protection. Breathe Safely Respirator enhancements are easy to use, cost effective, and offer much more protection and comfort.

What is a Respirator Seal?

A respirator seal is a respirator and medical mask enhancement. A skin-friendly adhesive, which covers the edge (periphery) of a mask, thus providing a reliable seal. The Breathe Safely seal is tested and proven to be skin-friendly, reliable, and can even be used multiple times.

Does it REALLY work?

You bet. We have proof of this through independant testing. Medical testing was performed on the Breathe Safely seal, proven to increase the effectiveness of a standard N95 mask as much as to 90%! Lab tests prove BSAF offers 270% greater protection!!

Breathe Safely offers protection not offered before it’s conception. There is no other product like Breathe Safely. You can buy the seals exclusively on our website. Protect your family, friends, and loved ones today!

How do I Install a Seal?

See video above.

Are the Seals Compatible With My Mask?

Breathe Safely seals fit a variety of all different types of masks, respirators, and flat masks. We have been so busy making sure we can provide you with the ultimate respirator seal, we haven’t quite finished our list of compatible respirators and masks. If you have a specific mask or respirator model number not on our list, contact us directly.

Can you reuse the seal?

Yes. The effectiveness will decrease slightly over time, but the seal will form a tight bond between your mask and your face. Place the paper over the seal (on your mask) and place it in storage, until you are ready to use it again.