Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask - Case of 120 Masks

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If you need to wear a mask to filter out hazardous particles from the air you breathe, why settle for an unsealed mask that leaks at least 30% or more around the mask edge, allowing hazardous air into your lungs?

Breathe Safely Inc. is proud to offer the Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask. This respirator has been modified with an adhesive, the patented Breathe Safely Health Seal, which improves its performance over the unsealed original! * ** This mask will fit all sizes and shapes of faces, so one mask protects all!** Now you can enjoy all the air you breathe with this mask because it is 100% Filtered Air! Why not use the best performing mask on the market at an affordable price?

The skin friendly Breathe Safely adhesive used in making the seal is ISO certified and FDA approved for skin contact and is hypoallergenic so you know it is safe for your skin. The adhesive is very sticky and when applied to clean skin keeps the mask firmly sealed to your face until you remove it.

Substantial Protection

The Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask provides substantial protection against Viruses including Flu, Bacteria, Black Mold, Pollen and Other Particulate Allergens, Smoke and Pollution, Dust and Debris, Fiberglass Insulation, and Paint Mist.

There are many occupations and environments where donning a Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask would be beneficial. It is a must-have for pollen protection, dusty or fiberglass DIY projects, working with moldy materials and environments, travelers who encounter contagious airborne pathogens, smoky environments or disasters, visits to doctors' offices, construction, farming, mining, road construction, and other dirty air occupations where a particle mask would be advised.

3-Layer Design Provides Increased Filtration Protection and Durability

The first two layers provide the highest NIOSH fluid protection and filtration to 0.1 microns filtering out 99.9% of bacteria and virus particles such as H1N1, TB, SARS, and other airborne pathogens. It also filters out larger particles such as mold, fiberglass, dust, pollen, and paint mist. A soft inner layer complements the breathable face seal and hybrid design by providing protection against facial irritation. It was rated Non-Flammable (Class 1) and contains no latex components.

Increased Breathability and Comfort

New technology allows more air to enter from all sides of the mask. Users experience 61% less inhalator resistance over other market leading masks for fresher, cooler, more breathable mask comfort that lasts for hours. In a study designed to simulate actual use over a two hour period, the respirator and surgical mask shows little to no drop-off in breathability and filtration. You can now choose increased safety, greater protection, and comfort for longer periods of time without compromise.

This mask folds flat so you can store one or many easily. Carry them with you in your pocket, purse, car, truck, tractor, or airline carry-on so when you need filtered air you have the means at hand.

* This Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask has had the Breathe Safely Health Seal applied to it after it was NIOSH approved as an N95 respirator and as such the initial NIOSH N95 approval is null and void.  Breathe Safely proudly offers this sealed mask as a particle mask with no NIOSH approvals whatsoever.

** Fit Guarantee with Breathe Safely Health Seal Particle Mask can be achieved with initial first time use of mask if and only if:

  1. Face is free of facial hair and beards.
  2. Face surface is clean and free of oil and makeup. We recommend use of a witch hazel based facial toner for this purpose; available wherever makeup is sold.
  3. Face must have contact with adhesive at full circumference of mask to ensure complete seal.
  4. Not intended for use on children.

This mask does not protect against gases or vaporized hazards, nor does it provide a means of oxygen to aid in breathing.

If you have any questions regarding the Triomed Safe Life Respirator and Mask or the Breathe Safely Health Seal please fill out our contact form or call 218-820-3115. 

This mask does not protect against gases or vaporized hazards nor does it provide a means of oxygen to aid in breathing.

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